Revision Style "It's All Worthwhile Edit

Revision Style is a parody of PSY's Gangnam Style uploaded to Castleford Academy's YouTube channel in 2014. It used a recreated version of the instrumental, likely to avoid copyright, with lyrics added on the top about revision techniques. The video was composed of clips recorded around the school, including the fitness suite, car park, sports hall, several hallways and several classrooms.

The school took down the parody due to the amounts of hate sent in from students and others alike, but it has since been re-uploaded onto the Cringe Channel website and onto the YouTube channel Richard Resourceful on Oct 23, 2016. 'Richard Resourceful' is a fictional character created by Castleford Academy and is presented as the embodiment of resourcefulness, and the channel is a light-hearted mockery of that idea. Ofsted also found out about the video and have made comments about it.

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