Ninten is considered to be the leader of the Mother Bakas, as he was the one to create the chatroom.

He is a twelve-year-old boy, who looks quite similar to Ness. But, however, there are a few differences that set them apart appearence-wise. For one, Ninten is smaller and skinner, whereas, Ness is taller and on the chubby side. Ninten wears a bandana, and his cap is facing backwards. Ness wears a backpack, and his cap is facing forwards. Other than these few differences, the two look pretty much the same.

Ninten is said to be somewhat of a showoff and a "spotlight stealer". As some of the times, he acts like he's better than the other Bakas. But despite his "I wanna be the center of attention" nature, Ninten can actually be quite sweet and understanding, for example, whenever his friends are sad, he tries to cheer them up as best as he can.

He has the same birthday as his admin, Jana, making his star sign a Leo.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Ninten is the average amount of strong, being PSI capable, and extremely skilled with his bat. Although he doesn't have offensive PSI, he is still able to fight and win. Although, he sees no reason to fight, since Giegue and his army are gone.


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Mother BakasEdit


Ness and Ninten act like typical twin brothers. They have their disagreements, but deep down, they really care for each other.


Ninten is very close with Nicole, as he constantly tries to get close to her. Nicole is more close to Jana than she is Ninten, but she really does care about Ninten and tries to keep him out of trouble.


Jack and Ninten aren't exactly the greatest of friends. They are, however, interested in the same types of things, being the same age.


Skyler and Ninten love to joke around with each other. They enjoy being good friends, and are often worried about one another.



Ninten is actually said to have a crush on Paula, rather than Ana. These feelings became apparent in the chatroom for unknown reasons, but everyone in the chat unanimously supports their relationship. However, Ninten can be somewhat clingy to Paula.

Lillian /Cereal

Ninten and Cereal/Lillian don't interact that often, but still care for each other.


Ninten and Caio are one of the duos who don't speak to each other much. However, Ninten usually listens to Caio whenever he has a story, and seems to be very interested in them.


Ninten is shown to hate Jana (( his admin )) most of the time. He has given reasons as to why he hates her, but the gang always denies them and says that Jana is a good person. They also like to piss Ninten off by helping her.