Jeff is one of the non-Baka visitors to the chatroom.

Jeff is thirteen years old, making him older than Ninten and Jack, but younger than Nicole and Skyler.

He has flat blonde yellow hair, and usually wears thick glasses, a green suit (( for his school )) which consists of a green jacket, a white button up shirt, a black bowtie, green pants, and black slip-ons.

Jeff is a bit like all of the Mother Bakas in a way, having small splits of their personalities.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Jeff normally uses two weapons in battle.


Jeff is known to be skilled with the usage of guns, (( created by himself )) and has mained the gun as his weapon.

Bottle Rockets

Jeff also uses bottle rockets in combat, just not as frequent as his guns.

Jeff also has the ability to fix various broken items throughout the night.



Ninten and Jeff are good friends, but Jeff is closer to Ness than he is Ninten.


Skyler and Jeff never interact as far as everyone has seen.


After Jeff created his account, Nicole was one of the first people to greet him, the other being Lillian (( Giygas )). They often interact with each other in the chatroom.


Jeff and Jack never interact.


Ness and Jeff are very close, despite not talking to each other in the chatroom a lot.


Lillian was one of the first people to greet Jeff after he created his account, even though she was on her Giygas account. Though, Jeff now seems more close to Giygas than he is Lillian.